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Our COVID-19 Response

​We are committed to keeping our patients and staff safe! 

Through the pandemic A&M has worked tirelessly and endlessly to make sure we are keeping every single patient safe while tending to their transport needs. Make sure to check out all we have been doing to uphold our mission statement of providing Quick, Reliable and Safe Transportation. 

  • Employee Screenings- Every employee that comes into work at A&M must go through a symptom and temperature screening. We ensure that they haven't been exposed to be certain that we are keeping all staff and patients safe. The office is equipped with infrared thermometers and screening sheets. If any employee is exhibiting symptoms they are sent home IMMEDIATELY. 

  • Mandated Sanitation In Between Patients- our employees are required to sanitize their hands after each patient and to wipe down before boarding any other patients.

  • Providing Proper PPE- All of our Employees are equipped with face masks and gloves, as well as spares in the Coach Vans and Ambulances, they also have spare masks in their vehicles for any patients that may not have one.

  • Thorough Vehicle Cleaning- we make sure to wipe down the vehicle's in between patients and ensure that all equipment is sanitized and stored properly.

  • Keeping Up to Date with CDC Guidelines- we make sure that we are continuously being vigilant and keeping up to date with any advancements from the CDC, we want to make sure that we are doing all we can to keep everyone safe. When any updates and news come up, we make sure to keep all staff up to date through our portal.

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