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A&M Medical Services Celebrates EMSC Day with School 18 in Paterson, NJ

This year, A&M Medical Services made a lasting impression on EMS for Children (EMSC) Day, held on May 19th, 2023, by visiting School 18 in Paterson, NJ. The event involved four classes of 4th graders from School 18 who actively participated and expressed their heartfelt gratitude with 80 handmade thank-you cards.

In sessions that lasted over an hour, two ambulance crews from A&M Medical Services, consisting of four EMTs in total, gave a comprehensive presentation of the day-to-day operations of emergency medical services. They demonstrated the pivotal and life-saving roles they fulfill every day.

A crucial part of the students' learning was recognizing when it's appropriate to call 911. They were taught the significance of this emergency service and how to use it correctly. The children were also given hands-on demonstrations with stretchers and a stair chair, providing them an understanding of how patients are safely transported during emergencies. In a unique interactive experience, students were even given the chance to volunteer for the stretcher demonstration, offering them a first-hand understanding of the equipment.

The students, in groups, were taken inside ambulances where every component of the emergency vehicle was explained in detail, from the sirens to the specialized medical equipment. The lively showcase of lights and sirens from the ambulance remained a thrilling highlight, but the emphasis on safety remained a key teaching point throughout.

At the end of the sessions, the teams from A&M Medical Services handed out stickers to the students as a memento of this memorable event. It was an excellent opportunity for the children to understand the crucial role these healthcare professionals play in our community.

The heartfelt thank-you cards created by the students deeply touched the A&M Medical Services crews, highlighting the appreciation of their essential work in providing emergency and non-emergency medical transportation services to the Paterson and Northern New Jersey area.

This EMSC Day event was much more than a demonstration. It was an educational immersion, one that emphasized the importance of emergency medical services for our youngest community members. Such initiatives pave the way for a safer, more conscious future, and A&M Medical Services is proud to lead in this endeavor.


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